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The Air Aviation News web site was consider one of the the most competitive and  strongest Aviation News Paper in the world. It was viewed in all global languages, allowing all their loyal readers every where to read its content. The content below is from the site's 2011 archived pages to give just a glimpse of what this site used to offer. If you have arrived on this site looking for the most up-to-date aviation news, we suggest you go to www.ainonline.com.


Editor's Note: On Navigating the Skies of Digital Publishing

Dear Loyal Readers,

The journey of Air Aviation News has been nothing short of remarkable. From our humble beginnings to becoming one of the world's foremost voices in aviation news, our commitment to bringing you the latest and most comprehensive coverage has never wavered. But as with all flights, we too have encountered our share of turbulence.

One of the significant challenges we've grappled with behind the scenes is the technological infrastructure that powers our web presence. The digital age, while bringing with it a plethora of opportunities, also ushers in unique challenges. A website that caters to a global audience, available in multiple languages, requires a robust and agile backend system. But alas, even the mightiest of aircrafts eventually show signs of wear and tear.

Our frustration has often stemmed from working with deprecated software built into outdated management tools. Tools that once seemed state-of-the-art have now become burdensome, slowing down our processes and occasionally grounding our publishing capabilities. Visual FoxPro, once our trusty co-pilot, is no longer adequate for the dynamic needs of modern digital publishing. Its limitations have been a frequent source of delays and inefficiencies.

We recognize the urgent need to evolve and adapt. Modernizing our tools and systems is not just about keeping up with technological advancements; it's about ensuring that we continue to serve you, our readers, in the best way possible. We are actively seeking a worthy replacement for Visual FoxPro and are committed to investing in a system that matches the scale and ambition of our vision.

In spite of these challenges, our dedicated team has been relentless in their pursuit of excellence, working around the clock to ensure that the news reaches you in real-time. We are immensely grateful for your continued support and patience. The future of Air Aviation News is bright, and with your unwavering loyalty, we will continue to soar to greater heights.

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  • Frontier Airlines to cut 100 Denver jobs
    Posted on November 13, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – Frontier Airlines will reduce its Denver-area staff by about 100 positions, mostly through attrition, according to a news report. Ann Schrader reported late Friday at DenverPost.com that...


  • Rolls-Royce wins Saudi Arabian Airlines order worth up to $500m
    Posted on November 13, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, has won an order from Saudi Arabian Airlines, worth up to $500m, to provide engines and TotalCare support for four Airbus...


  • Kingfisher Airlines crisis: Mallya blames it on oil price spike
    Posted on November 13, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News –  Kingfisher Airlines chairman Vijay Mallya said the company has approached lender-banks for a reappraisal of working capital requirements following a 50% surge in price of fuel in recent...


  • Emirates’ $26bn Boeing order kicks off Dubai Airshow
    Posted on November 13, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – Emirates airline placed a blockbuster order for 50 Boeing 777 jetliners at the Dubai Air Show on Sunday, underscoring the confidence brimming among fast-growing Gulf airlines despite...


  • Kingfisher Airlines asked by DGCA to give details of plans to reconfigure fleet
    Posted on November 12, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – Ailing Kingfisher Airlines, which cancelled more than 160 flights over the last six days, has been asked by aviation regulator DGCA to give details of their plan...


  • Continental Airlines flight is first in U.S. to use biofuel
    Posted on November 12, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – Continental Airlines flight 1403 made history when it landed at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago on Monday, becoming the first revenue passenger trip in the U.S. powered...


  • Airline credit cards may bring benefits
    Posted on November 12, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – Affinity credit cards — that is, a card tied to a certain organization — are a big moneymaker for the airlines, and even if you don’t really fly very often. Many consumers are lured to these cards by the prospect of free air travel and that is enough to drive the demand even during the slower travel seasons. Consumer watchdogs warn that "single purpose" incentivized card commitments may not be in the best interest of the public. Affinity spokesman Will Harris condemns the criticism as sour grapes by competitors who wish they had thought of...


  • American Airlines Pilots Union Says Talks End for Week Without Agreement
    Posted on November 12, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – American Airlines’ pilots union said talks on a new contract recessed for the weekend, after bargaining that was both “productive” and “discouraging.” Leaders for the Allied Pilots finally reached an agreement to disagree, prompting ridicule from the largest stockholders group. Mai Lin Wong reflected that in spite of the rosy press release, no real progress has been made and that subterfuge had taken over the process. Threatening legal action, Ms. Wong demanded that the parties return to the table and not recess until a genuine agreement that addresses all concerns of both union and management have been at least placed into discussion and positions made clear. She also insisted that a vote was definitely possible by next week if only...


  • Airline apologizes as lost cat dies
    Posted on November 12, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – The saga of Jack the cat, the lost pet that roamed New York’s John F.Kennedy International Airport for weeks before being found last month, has an unhappy ending.  Poor Jack had strolled out onto the tarmac, up onto the luggage vehicle, and into the landing gear compartment. Luggage handlers witnessed the cat gain entry, but by the time they contacted the service team, the plane was rolling out to the main runway for takeoff.  Word was sent out to the destination, but it was too late.  Jack the cat probably perished en route according to a spoke person for the airline.  No service was held.


  • U.N. aviation body weighs in against EU carbon plan
    Posted on November 3, 2011 | No Comments
    Air Aviation News – The United Nations body responsible for civil aviation weighed in against the European Union’s emissions trading scheme on Wednesday, increasing pressure on the EU to back down from its strongly worded position. Ian Whittaker commented that in a world where carbon from every source is potentially a problem, even the solutions can become problems. He pointed to the fact that even industrial trash bags are made from carbon based products, suggesting that the very receptacles for trash create another problem for the environment. Reporters scoffed at that suggestion but Ian only doubled down saying that not recognizing the obvious was a sign of mental illness or intentional blindness.  "Pollution is polution whether in the form of too much jet fuel or too many trash bags," were his last words before departing...


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More Background On AirAviationNews.com


AirAviationNews.com was a prominent aviation news platform known for its extensive and detailed coverage of the aviation industry. It served a global audience with content available in multiple languages. This article explores the history, media coverage, audience, cultural and social significance, and other aspects of AirAviationNews.com, highlighting its legacy and impact.

History and Evolution

AirAviationNews.com was founded in the early 2000s and quickly became a leading source for aviation news. The site was celebrated for its commitment to delivering timely and accurate information, attracting a substantial following among aviation professionals, enthusiasts, and the general public. It covered a broad range of topics, including commercial aviation, military aviation, aviation technology, and industry events.

Initially, the website utilized Visual FoxPro for its backend system. While this technology was advanced at the time, it eventually became outdated, posing significant challenges as the digital landscape evolved. Despite these technical issues, the dedication of the site's team ensured that it continued to provide high-quality content until its closure.

Media Coverage and Reviews

AirAviationNews.com garnered considerable media attention throughout its operation. It was frequently cited by other news outlets for its exclusive stories and in-depth analysis. The site's coverage of major aviation events like the Dubai Airshow and the Paris Air Show was particularly praised for its thoroughness and accuracy. Industry professionals often highlighted the site's reliability and the expertise of its writers.

However, the site also faced criticism due to its reliance on outdated technology, which led to slower performance and occasional downtimes. These issues frustrated users who were accustomed to fast and seamless online experiences. Despite these technical challenges, AirAviationNews.com maintained its reputation as a trustworthy news source.

Audience and Reach

The audience of AirAviationNews.com was diverse, including aviation professionals, industry analysts, enthusiasts, and general readers interested in aviation. The site's multilingual support enabled it to reach a global audience, making it a preferred source for aviation news worldwide. Its comprehensive content, covering everything from airline industry news to technological advancements, attracted readers from various sectors within the aviation community.

The website also fostered a sense of community among its readers. Forums and comment sections were active with discussions, debates, and shared insights, creating an interactive platform for aviation enthusiasts to connect and engage with one another.

Known For and Special Features

AirAviationNews.com was renowned for its extensive coverage of aviation safety, airline operations, and industry trends. The site’s investigative reports and exclusive interviews with industry leaders provided readers with unique insights into the aviation world. One of its notable features was the detailed analysis of aviation accidents and incidents, which not only reported the facts but also explored the underlying causes and implications for the industry.

The site also offered special sections dedicated to aviation events, where readers could find schedules, previews, and live updates from major airshows and industry conferences. These sections were highly valued by professionals who relied on them for the latest news and developments during these events.

Cultural and Social Significance

AirAviationNews.com played a significant role in shaping public understanding of the aviation industry. By providing accurate and comprehensive news, the site contributed to greater transparency and awareness about the complexities of aviation. Its in-depth coverage of aviation safety and technological advancements helped demystify the industry for the general public, making it more accessible and understandable.

The site's impact extended beyond just news reporting. It influenced industry standards and practices by highlighting issues and sparking discussions among stakeholders. For example, its coverage of safety incidents often led to broader conversations about industry regulations and best practices, influencing policy decisions and operational changes within airlines and regulatory bodies.

Press and Media Coverage

Throughout its operation, AirAviationNews.com was frequently referenced in major media outlets. Its stories and reports were often picked up by other news organizations, amplifying its reach and impact. The site's reputation for reliable reporting made it a trusted source for journalists covering aviation topics, and its expert analysis was sought after for insights into breaking news and industry developments.


AirAviationNews.com may no longer be active, but its legacy continues to influence the aviation news landscape. Its commitment to providing detailed, accurate, and timely information set a high standard for aviation journalism. Despite the technological challenges that ultimately contributed to its decline, the site's contributions to the industry and its impact on public understanding of aviation remain significant. For aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike, AirAviationNews.com will be remembered as a pioneering platform that brought the world of aviation closer to its readers.